Double Glazing in Aluminium Windows
How does retrofit double glazing work?

How does retrofit double glazing work?

How does retrofit double glazing work?

As the pursuit of sustainability gains momentum, New Zealanders are increasingly turning their attention to improving the energy efficiency of their homes. Retrofit double glazing is an effective solution to enhance thermal insulation and reduce energy consumption.

This innovative technique offers immense benefits, enabling homeowners to create comfortable living environments.

Windows play an important role in maintaining the energy efficiency of your home, but they can also create problems by allowing heat to escape or enter. This can result in higher electricity bills which aren't ideal with the rising cost of inflation. Heat loss through the windows in a house can be substantial, though it varies depending on the house's design and insulation levels. Our Low E double glazing range is designed to decrease heat loss through the glass by approximately 78%. That's why retrofit double glazing has become increasingly popular in New Zealand as there are many benefits.

But what exactly does glazing do? How does it work and most importantly, how much does it cost? These are the big questions you might ask when considering double glazing for your home. So, we're here to answer them. This blog deep dives into all the above questions so you can make a better, informed decision.

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Components of double glazing

RetroFit Double Glazing diagram

How does retrofit double glazing work?

Retrofit double glazing works by upgrading your existing windows by adding an additional layer of glass to enhance your home's insulation. Simply put, Retrofit "double glazing" means installing new double-glazed units into existing window frames made of materials like; aluminium, timber, or uPVC.

This service is very much needed in New Zealand because the country's diverse climate poses significant challenges to maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures.

By getting retrofit double glazing installed, homeowners can try and tackle issues like minimising the need for excessive heating or cooling and reducing;

  • Heat loss

  • Condensation

  • Noise pollution

Here's a quick video that explains how Retrofit double glazing works

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The 4-step process of retrofit double glazing

The process of retrofit double glazing typically involves the following four steps:

Step 1: Onsite Assessment

A trained professional consultant from Retrofit Double Glazing will do a home visit to assess your existing windows and provide recommendations as to what is specifically needed.

They will consider factors such as; window type, size, condition, and solutions to meet a desired outcome.

Step 2: Measurements and Customisation

We'll take accurate measurements onsite to ensure your new double-glazing units fit seamlessly within your existing windows. These units are individually crafted and factory sealed to precisely fit each window, delivering exceptional performance and a sleek look.

Step 3: Installation

Once the new retrofit double-glazed units are ready, we'll start the installation process!

Depending on the joinery type, your existing window frames will be carefully prepared, and the new units will be fitted into place. Seals and insulating materials are added to reduce drafts and ensure a tight seal.

Step 4: The Finishing Touches

The double-glazing installation process is completed by adding sealants to create a clean and polished look. The outcome effortlessly blends with your current windows, creating an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Request retrofit double glazing cost estimate online make your home comfortable for all seasons in New Zealand!

Final thoughts on how retrofit double glazing works

The retrofit double glazing system works to improve the thermal insulation of a home.

Like traditional double glazing, it creates a thermal barrier between the two panes of glass. The space between these two panes is usually filled with air or an inert gas, which acts as a thermal insulator and helps to regulate the temperature inside the building. This results in;

  • Improved energy efficiency

  • Reduced noise levels, and

  • improved security.

Retrofit double glazing can be an attractive option for those who want to improve the energy efficiency of existing windows without the cost and disruption of full window replacement.

Each home is unique, so for an accurate estimate, get in touch with us to get a free measure and quote.

We hope this article was able to provide some insight into how Retrofit Double Glazing works and the process that goes into upgrading your existing windows. Make sure to check out our articles here that explain if double glazing is worth doing, or visit our FAQ page to get more answers.

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