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Timber retrofit double glazing

Timber retrofit double glazing

Improve the comfort of your home by upgrading your existing single glazed timber windows and doors with new double glazing for superior performance.

  • Timber has a long history of use for window framing as it offers several advantages. Timber is an excellent natural insulator meaning the timber frames on your windows and doors can help keep heat inside (more thermally efficient).

  • If you are considering retrofitting and you have timber or wooden joinery we would recommend keeping your timber frames unless there is evidence of rot on the outer frame, where you may then need new joinery.

  • Maintenance is key for timber - homes that have been well looked after (such as regular repainting) will last longer compared to homes that are not maintained. Deterioration of timber usually occurs from water getting into the frame over time, leading to rot.

  • Our timber retrofit system involves removing the thermally inefficient single glazing and replacing it with a new factory sealed double glazed unit. We rebate the original timber frames to provide additional space to fit in the new double glazed unit, and use new timber beads to hold the double glazed unit in place. During this process, if you have rot in your timber frames that are beyond repair our experienced glaziers will advise you before proceeding further.

  • As part of this upgrade we would recommend installing new draft seals, as sometimes timber windows have gaps that do not close fully. These draft seals help prevent unwanted excess airflow and the associated heat loss.

  • The process in which we retrofit timber sash windows involves removing your existing timber sash window and replacing the existing single piece of glass with our factory sealed new double glazing unit. With fixed timber windows, we rebate the existing timber frame and use new timber beads to fit the new double glazed unit.

Here is an example of a before and after Timber retrofit double glazing diagram

Diagram of heat loss prevention with double glazing

Here is an example of a before and after of a timber / wooden retrofit window. The glass pane on the left is single glazing and the pane on the right is retrofitted with new double glazing. As you can see the aesthetics are virtually the same allowing you to keep and retain the character of your home.

Timber retrofit double glazing example

Each home is different, so we come out and do an onsite measure and quote for you, at a time that suits you. We work with your budgets - did you know you don't have to retrofit your whole house in one go? We can provide options to let you work through room by room. Talk to your Retrofit consultant today.

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You don't have to retrofit your whole house. You can choose to prioritise different rooms in your home. We are flexible and we work with what suits you.

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Whether you have aluminium windows or timber windows the first step to a healthier and drier home are these quick six steps.

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