Aluminium retrofit double glazing in modern home

Aluminium retrofit double glazing

Aluminium retrofit double glazing

Enhance your home comfort and retrofit your current single glazed aluminium windows and doors with new double glazing for the ultimate performance upgrade.

What is aluminium retrofit?

  • Retrofit double glazing is a great solution if you want a cost-effective option for upgrading your window performance without the cost of new joinery (full replacement of frames and glass).

  • Our aluminium retrofit process involves removing your existing thermally inefficient single glass, and replacing it with a new factory sealed high performing double glazed unit.

  • In order to fit the new double glazed unit into your existing frame, we replace the existing aluminium bead with a new aluminium profile that is colour matched to your current joinery, creating more space to allow your new double glazing to fit into your existing frame.

  • In the case of sliding doors, adapters may be necessary (depending on the system's age) but upgrading them is also a straightforward process.

  • Our retrofit double glazing systems are compatible with most aluminium joinery systems - it is rare for us to come across a home that we can’t retrofit (these instances are typically for some of the early 1970’s systems). Talk to our retrofit specialist and they can advise further.

The diagram below shows an example of a before and after retrofit double glazed window in an aluminium frame.

Diagram of heat loss prevention from double glazed windows

Examples of aluminium retrofit

Here is an example of a before and after of an aluminium retrofit window and sliding door.

Single glazed window below:

Double Glazed windows in a aluminum window frame

Retrofitted in new double glazing of the same window below:

Double Glazed windows in a aluminum window frame

Single glazed sliding door below:

Improved windows with double glazing for better insulationRetrofitted in new double glazing of the same sliding door below:

Improved windows with double glazing for better insulationThe aesthetics of your windows and doors are virtually the same. The only difference is you will experience a more comfortable and consistent temperature year-round.

Ready to find out how much it costs to retrofit?

Each home is different, so we come out and do an onsite measure and quote for you, at a time that suits you. We work with your budgets - did you know you don't have to retrofit your whole house in one go? We can provide options to let you work through room by room. Talk to your Retrofit consultant today.

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More about retrofit

Did you know?
You don't have to retrofit your whole house. You can choose to prioritise different rooms in your home. We are flexible and we work with what suits you.

Our retrofit process
Whether you have aluminium windows or timber windows the first step to a healthier and drier home are these quick six steps.

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Our full range is compatible with aluminium and timber retrofit. Click the below to view.

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