Kitchen with double glazed aluminium windows
Retrofit double glazing with aluminium windows

Retrofit double glazing with aluminium windows

Retrofit double glazing aluminium windows

Exploring the functionality of retrofit double glazing with aluminum windows and its suitability as an excellent choice for New Zealand homeowners with aluminum joinery.

The term "retrofit double glazing" is used in the industry to refer to the act of installing double glazed units into existing window frames made of materials such as aluminium, timber, or uPVC. There are many benefits such as improving thermal performance and energy efficiencies.

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Retrofit employee installing a double glazed window

Benefits of retrofit double glazing aluminium windows

Aluminium windows are known for their durability, low maintenance and resistance to corrosion, making them ideal for New Zealand's diverse weather conditions. The addition of retrofit double glazing further enhances their performance while reducing maintenance requirements.

The aluminium retrofit double glazing process is relatively simple to do, and it does not affect the internal architraves or external parts of the house. This makes it a cost-effective and affordable option providing superior performance.

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living room with double glazed windows and doors

Retrofit double glazing for aluminium windows: How it works?

Read to find out how we retrofit aluminium windows with new factory sealed double glazed units.

  • The retrofit process involves removing the single glazing from the windows and changing the glazing bead that holds the single glass in place with a new flush bead to accommodate the double glazing. This process is all done without altering the existing window frame.

  • The other main change is a new flush finished opening sash window, with an upgrade of hinges and stays to accommodate the heavier double glazing. Sliding doors require joinery adapters but can also be upgraded depending on the age and condition of the joinery.

  • Another automatic upgrade that occurs during the retrofit process is the replacement of safety glass. This is for all fixed or opening windows and sliding doors that are subject to someone being able to walk into them (Human Impact standard) as part of the NZ Building code compliance.

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We believe that this article has provided valuable insights into how Retrofit Double Glazing works and the intricacies of enhancing your current aluminium windows. To learn more about the benefits of double glazing or find additional answers, you can explore our related articles or visit our FAQ page.

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