Healthy home finance

Healthy home finance

We find ways to make it easier for Kiwis to afford quality double glazing. Upgrading your windows is a smart investment that not only benefits the comfort of your home but also has a positive pay-back over the medium to long term value of your home.

Finance options

1st Instalment: 25% deposit upon sign up

  • The first instalment is a 25% deposit submitted together with the signed acceptance by post, email or visiting your local branch.

  • Once the 25% deposit has been cleared, we will call you to schedule a time to conduct a final measure at the property provided for the windows and doors specified and order the materials. Accepted orders are scheduled consecutively upon the receipt of deposit payments.

2nd Instalment: 25% installation payment

  • The next 25% is a payment for the practical completion of the job. This payment should be received within seven (7) days of the invoice date. The Tax Invoice will be issued as soon as possible following the day of the practical completion of the double glazing installation.

3rd Instalment: 50% balance

  • The remaining 50% balance is due 60 days from the invoice date issued after practical completion.                

Practical Completion - It means that at least 80% of the installation is at a stage where the insulated glazed units (IGU) or double glazes units (DGU) installed are functional and can be used effectively by the customer for their intended purpose, despite certain non-critical or aesthetic features that are yet to be completed or minor omissions or imperfections that are yet to be rectified.

6 Months or 12 Months interest free offers now available.*

Q card finance - interest free

*Minimum spend of $5,000 applies. Standard Interest Rate of 28.50% p.a. applies to outstanding balance at the end of LTF Interest Free Period. Click the next tab for full terms and conditions.

For full terms and conditions click here


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Accepted cards:

  • Q Card (white card with coloured Qs)

  • Q MasterCard (Black card with MasterCard logo and chip)

  • Farmers MasterCard

  • Flight Centre MasterCard

Available if you have an existing mortgage with the following banks:

Westpac Greater Choices Home Loan 

A home loan where you can loan up to $50,000 interest free up to 5 years for your double glazing. Westpac terms and conditions apply. Click the Westpac link provided to find out more about the Greater Choices home loan offer.

Westpac Warm Up Home Loan up to $50,000 Interest Free

ANZ Good Energy Home Loan

If you have a home loan with ANZ, you can apply for our new ANZ Good Energy Home Loan top up to a maximum value of $80,000 at a fixed rate of 1% interest per annum for 3 years. This enables you to purchase any of the ANZ Good Energy Upgrades for your home including double glazing.

ANZ Good Energy Home LoanBNZ Green Home Loan top-ups

You could borrow up to $80,000 at a 1% p.a. 3 year fixed rate to pay for eligible double glazing upgrades to your home.

 BNZ Green Home LoanASB Better Homes Top Up

Top up your ASB Home Loan, up to $80,000 at 1% interest per annum for 3 years fixed term, to make your home drier, warmer or more energy efficient. This includes double glazing.

It is recommended to get your quote from us prior to approaching your bank for home loan approval. Please note bank terms and loan lending criteria applies, please visit their respective websites to find out what their full term and conditions are.

We offer a no obligation free measure and quote to help indicate how much your job would cost. 

ASB Better Homes Top Up

Talk to your local Retrofit branch about what finance option best suits you.

Did you know? You don't have to Retrofit your whole house. You can do it in stages. Chat to us today about your options.

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