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As seen on TV with Peter Wolfkamp - Resident Builder

As seen on TV with Peter Wolfkamp - Resident Builder

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Get comfortable the easy way with RetroFit by Metro Glass - Winter promo

  • We have two to choose from, either receive

    • A discount of up to 10% or

    • A bonus performance glass upgrade. Pay for Max Low E double glazing and we will upgrade you at no charge to Xcel Low E double glazing.

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  • For full terms and conditions click here.

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Get comfortable the easy way with RetroFit by Metro Glass - Winter

  • Double glazing can help reduce condensation, but it won't eliminate it. Window and Glass Association an independent body has a handy article on what and how to deal with condensation. Click here to view the article.

  • Up to 50%* of heat is lost through your windows and doors. Choosing the right Low E glass can make a real difference to your comfort, keeping you warm in winter, cooler in summer and reducing your power bills. (*MBIE Consultation Document Building Code 2023)

Get comfortable the easy way with RetroFit by Metro Glass - Just right

  • Choosing a Low E retrofit solution offers the ultimate upgrade from single glazing. Low E provides effective insulation, ensuring your home remains comfortable, well-lit, and peaceful.

Retrofit double glazing - it's the little things

  • We take pride in our service and respect your home and surroundings.

  • We won't leave big holes in your house, nothing comes out unless something goes in ensuring your home is the way it was but with a performance upgrade in your windows.

  • We won't leave your house in a tip we clean our work areas so you don't have to.

Retrofit double glazing - healtheir home

  • As our health is becoming more and more important having a home that has a comfortable consistent temperature year-round is so important.

  • Our diverse range of double glazing solutions offers many benefits such as keeping your home warmer and drier in winter. This is important as a damp and mouldy home and increase health risks.

  • We also have solutions for solar control for those homes that are prone to overheating.

Retrofit double glazing - the kiwi dream

  • We all want to live in a cozy, warm, dry home so why not do what Wendy did and get retrofit double glazing installed?

  • Wendy has noticed such a difference already that she's referred her brother to get a quote.

  • Home comfort levels are a huge priority for Kiwi families these days.

Retrofit double glazing - winter promotion

Please note this promotion is no longer available.

Retrofit double glazing - Good for summer and winter

  • Most people only think about retrofit double glazing in winter when they feel the cold. But do you it's also good for summer?

  • With our most advanced high-technology solar control Low E double glazing solution, you can reduce up to 63%* of the heat from the sun entering your home.

  • This will help to reduce overheating in the hot summer months.

*compared to single glazing

Retrofit double glazing - winter story

  • A warmer house in winter comes from using Low E double glazing as it helps to keep the heat in your home, meaning less need for heating systems, so you’ll be reducing energy consumption, which saves on your power bills.

  • During winter, homes with single glazing can lose significant heat through the windows. retrofitting these with new Low E double glazing can make a huge difference to the comfort levels of your home. The glass you choose will make a difference to the comfort of your home and the size of your energy bills.

Retrofit double glazing - winter story

  • If thermal insulation and keeping your home warm is important to you we have a Low E solution that can help reduce heat loss through your glass by up to 79%*. Resulting in a warmer home, and reducing the likelihood of condensation, mould and mildew.

  • It is important to understand that retrofit double glazing does not eliminate condensation it reduces the chances of condensation forming. If condensation is a problem you might also want to check out the Window and Glass Association guide on how to reduce moisture within your home.

Learn more about condensation

Retrofit double galzing - Summer story

  • A lot of sunshine can start overheating your home especially if you have large east - or west - facing windows.

  • Think about your location/climate and the orientation of your home, this will help you decide how much solar control do you need.

  • Solar control is when you can limit or control the amount of excess sun's heat from building up inside your home during the hot summer months.

  • We have a range of solar control option glass types that you can combine in your double glazing to help reduce the excess heat. These glass types are ideal for windows and doors exposed to a lot of sunshine.

Retrofit double glazing - aluminium joinery

  • Our retrofit double glazing systems are compatible with most aluminium joinery systems, it is rare for us to come across a home that we can’t retrofit. 

  • Our retrofit aluminium process involves removing the single glazing out of your window. We change the glazing bead that holds the single glazing in place with a new bead to accommodate the new double glazing unit, without changing the window frame.

  • There is a subtle change in the surround of your sash windows and we upgrade hinges and stays for the heaver double glazing. Sliding doors may need adapters depending on the age of the system but are also easily upgraded.

Learn more about Aluminium Retrofit

Retrofit double glazing - wooden joinery

  • We would recommend keeping your timber frames unless there is severe rot on the outer frame where you may need new replacement windows.

  • Our dry glaze RetroFit system uses new timber beads to hold the new double glazing, with the system having a better performance than traditional putty or wet glazing such as silicone. You should also consider getting draft seals as sometimes timber windows have gaps that do not close fully, which will help prevent unwanted excess airflow in and out.

  • Timber is an excellent insulating material which is why we recommend retrofitting it. This also allows you to maintain the character of your home and gives you the thermal performance of double glazing.

Learn more about Timber Retrofit
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