Living comfort

Living comfort

Make your home a comfortable, healthy, warm and dry place to live in.

  • Everyone should live in a warm, dry, healthy home where you can maintain a consistent temperature year-round no matter what the weather is doing outside.

  • Windows are a huge part of that, they give you natural light, connect you to your outdoor spaces and make every room feel more open, airy and alive.

  • Our Low E glass does more. It creates an effective layer of insulation to help keep your home comfortable, light-filled and peaceful.

  • Our remarkable glass is designed for New Zealand homes and unpredictable weather. Our double glazed windows use special ‘low emissivity’ (Low E) coatings.

  • This technology lets in light and heat from the sun but also helps to stop the warmth in your home from escaping.

  • We even have solar control glass that reduces the risk of your home overheating in the hotter summer months. If you want to find out more about what Low E is or how Low E works click the link below.

Learn more about Low E

With the right Low E combined in your double glazing solution - you can achieve up to 79% heat retention and up to 53% solar control compared to clear single glazing allowing you to enjoy a more peaceful, comfortable home year-round and lower power bills.

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