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What are the benefits of retrofit double glazing?

What are the benefits of retrofit double glazing?

We tailor-fit every retrofit double glazing solution for each home and as part of that, we discuss what your priorities are and what issues from single glazing you would like to solve.

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Windows are a huge part of your home.

Choosing a Low E retrofit solution offers the ultimate upgrade from single glazing. Low E provides effective insulation, ensuring your home remains comfortable, well-lit, and peaceful.

This technology allows sunlight and warmth in and helps reduce heat from escaping, with the added benefit of solar control glass for homes that may overheat.

What is retrofit double glazing?

Retrofit double glazing helps to improve energy efficiency in your homes. The process involves fitting new energy efficient double glazed units into existing window frames originally designed for single pane glazing.

Our solutions are purpose built for each home. Most Kiwis decide to retrofit double glaze their homes to live in a warm, dry comfortable home. Retrofit double glazing especially when Low E glass is selected has many benefits, check them out below.

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Find out if retrofitting is right for your home

We understand that each home is different, our expert Retrofit consultant will assess your home, and recommend a tailored solution for you and your budget.

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