Solar control

Solar control

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I want to keep my home cooler in summer and reduce overheating.

  • A lot of sunshine can start overheating your home especially if you have large east or west facing windows.

  • Think about your location/climate and the orientation of your home, this will help you decide how much solar control do you need.

What is solar control?

  • Solar control is when you can limit or control the amount of excess sun's heat from building up inside your home during the hot summer months.

  • We have a range of solar control option glass types that you can combine in your double glazing to help reduce the excess heat. These glass types are ideal for windows and doors exposed to a lot of sunshine.

  • Additionally, in colder months these glass types can help retain warmth while letting in abundant natural light. This helps lower your overall power bills as it reduces the need to use heating and cooling appliances.

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Fading - I want to protect my furnishings from sun damage

  • In addition to solar control, there is also fading to think about. What does this mean? Fading normally is a result of light, heat and UV coming through your glass, causing discolouring or fading in your furnishings.

  • We offer a range of double glazing options that can help with fading control. However, the selection will need to be considered alongside your other preferences to find the right solution for your home.

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