Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation

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I want to keep my home warmer in winter

  • Older single glazing is the worst culprit and is often responsible for half of all heat lost in a home. This is because the single pane of glass is exposed to the cold outdoor air which can lead to internal condensation on the inside of your glass.

  • We understand that heat loss through windows in a house can vary. That's why we have designed the perfect Low E double glazing range to suit the New Zealand climate conditions.

  • If thermal insulation and keeping your home warm is important to you we have a Low E solution that can help reduce heat loss through your glass by up to 79%*. Resulting in a warmer home, and reducing the likelihood of condensation, mould and mildew.

*Compared to single glazing

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Reduce condensation with retrofit double glazing

Retrofit Double Glazing can help you reduce the likelihood of condensation, keeping your home warmer, drier and healthier all year around.

  • Condensation is that “crying look” that single glazed windows get. Removing moisture -  It is important to note that the average home releases around 8 litres of water a day into the air, from activities such as cooking, showering, clothes-drying, indoor plants etc.

  • Windows doesn’t create condensation. It is the moisture level in the air that causes this to happen. This can be a serious problem, as it causes mould, mildew, and, in some cases, can also rot timber window frames. With a warmer home, the chance of condensation reduces.

  • To help remove excess moisture, ventilation is key. Solutions for this can include extractor fans, dehumidifiers, air conditioning, and we would recommend using venting handles which our consultants will discuss with you.

  • It is important to have other insulation within your home, double glazing alone does not complete the puzzle (roof, walls, windows and floor).

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Guide on how to reduce condensation within your home

Window and Glass Association is an independent body who have come up with a guide to help you understand condensation, recommendations and handy tips and tricks on to to reduce it within your home.

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