Lighter and brighter home

Lighter and brighter home

I want to let in natural light or reduce glare.

  • To create a lighter, brighter home, choose Low E options with a high visible light transmission (VLT) rating for ample natural sunlight.

  • Sun pouring into a room is beautiful making a home feel light and airy. Using the sun to passively heat your home, especially with double glazing that keeps that heat in is also a great way to save on your bills.

  • But lots of sunshine does come with some challenges. Letting in too much sunlight can make rooms less comfortable. It can also give you more heat than you want, especially in summer. Over time, unfiltered sunlight can also fade your furnishings such as carpets, fabrics, artwork, books and pretty much anything else.

  • Our solar control Low E range can give you the right level of solar control. It’s like choosing sunglasses for your home. Selecting the right glass can give you the level of light and heat admission that’s right for your home’s design and location allowing you to maintain a well-lit and comfortable living space.

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